Craftsman 14″ Bandsaw Modifications

Some people may cringe at the thought of buying a brand new piece of equipment and then shortly modifying it. But from an engineering standpoint, I'm always thinking of how to improve on a product. I added a flexible LED lamp as well as a mobile base to my new Craftsman 14" bandsaw.

Renovations and Updates (Part 2: The Half Bathroom/Water Closet)

Fortunately, the half bath/water closet was in pretty decent shape on this reno project. The existing sink vanity was falling apart, as well as being oversized for such a small bathroom. Also, the awful and tacky wainscoting of the 80's/early 90's had to go.

Renovations and Updates (Part 1: The Kitchen)

When I purchased this property, the kitchen looked pretty dated, and was in dire need of a modern refresh.

Air Compressor Mobile Cart

I managed to score an Atlas Copco SF2 from my buddy, GL. His company was literally about to throw a brand new air compressor, for the sake of getting rid of equipment! Built a rig, converted my wye-configuration (208VAC) to a delta-configuration (240VAC), and added some accessories like a pressure regulator, air supply filter, and a massive hose reel.

Harbor Freight Roller Cabinet Mod, Part 2: Wheel Upgrade and Structural Enhancement

The stock Harbor Freight rolling tool cabinet comes with some mediocre wheels on the casters, and the rolling cart has a tendency to sway from front to back, which I believe is due to the poor structural integrity of the floor pan, where the casters are attached to. To remedy this, I've decided to use some stock 6061 aluminum channel material to provide extra stiffness to the floor pan, from the front to the back of the cabinet. In additional to the floor pan, I'll be upgrading the stock wheels on the casters with some pedestal precision ball bearings (PPBB) pressed into the center of some polyurethane wheels!

LED Light Panel Build, Part 2: The LiPo Battery

I'll be going over the aspects of the lithium polymer (or LiPo for short) battery setup that I'm using for portable setups (such as the LED light panels), sans AC power. I like them for their long-life spans and price points. The reason why LiPo batteries are so popular is that if you properly maintain them, they can be recharged several times without degrading the battery over time.

Drill Press Table

I acquired a free drill press a long time ago. The problem with the drill press was that it had such a tiny work surface to work off of. It's a small circular surface that doesn't hold much. So, after looking at existing designs on the internet, I decided to build a decent, but larger table for my drill press!

LED Light Panel Build, Part 1

Ok, ok. This is finally the first post that even remotely relates to what the website is all about. A homemade LED light panel for photography/videography/whatever else you want to use it as! There's a whopping 468 daylight white LEDs on each light panel!

Random Tip: Using Meat Grinders

I figure for the blog portion of the website, I'll have random tips that may not interest everyone on the website. These are just great tips that I've picked up and tested. They're not necessarily relevant with the website, but they're nice to haves and may interest folks.

Harbor Freight Roller Cabinet Mod, Part 1

I splurged on a Harbor Freight 26", 16-drawer combo. I had to get this because my tools are in dire need of better organization, and the storage to "bang-of-buck" deal was hard to deny. Of course...this being a Harbor Freight purchase, modifications are part of the experience of owning a cheap product! This is Part 1 of the series.