Why not?

So I found myself barreling into the new year with the yearn to finally scratch a personal goal off my list. I wanted to start a small blog detailing builds and ideas that I’ve culminated over the past few years.

Reflecting back.

Looking back, I’ve worked on a ton of projects, where some have been completed, and more than a handful were stuck in limbo. I’ll be honest…I do have this habit of putting projects on the back-burner because a full-time job and a social life do tend to get in the way. It’s a little harder with my current shop set-up, as it’s not as convenient as a basement or shed in the backyard. Nor is it heated in the winter. So the motivation during the winter seasons just isn’t there. But these are excuses that I’m giving myself, and it’s a new year!

Lesson One.

Stop making excuses for yourself. Bottom line is that it doesn’t have to be a new year’s resolution, or something you’ll put of until next week to get done. Get out there and do it! Whether it’s building a project, hitting the gym, or attending a network event. Never put things off. I’ll admit I’m a culprit at doing this, but putting in the effort is well worth it. And sometimes you’ll have to dig hard to get that self-motivation churning. Or maybe surround yourself with like-minded people where you can feed of each other’s motivations. If anything, this website is a good example of how I’ve put something off for too long, and I’ve finally decided…why not?

Just the tip.

Yep. Getting this website started is just the tip of the iceberg. Where did you think I was going with that? My goal here is to hopefully impart some of my technical background upon the masses. I am an electrical engineer, during the weekdays. So I’ll try to flex some intellect around here when I can. But the website is about mixing technology with raw media projects. The raw media will mostly be wood, but there may be some metal and composite-type projects that I’ll share as well. So, with that said…
…take it or leave it!